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DB Pest Solutions has more than 40 years of experience serving the pest control needs of Philadelphia residents and businesses. Everything from property damage and loss of customers to health and wellness issues can be attributed to pests such as insects, rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs. DB Pest Solutions can be the answer to all of your Philadelphia pest control problems.

While pest control problems are common in any area of the country, the size and climate of Philadelphia make it conducive to pest problems in homes and businesses. Cold winters mean that pests will move into homes and businesses seeking warmth and food. DB Pest Solutions uses state-of-the-art technology as well as chemical and non-chemical treatments to ride your home or business of these destructive and potentially harmful pests.

Don't Mistake These Critters!

Bed bugs can be found in every area of Philadelphia. Flat and reddish brown in color, they are often mistaken for ticks or other insects. Adult bed bugs are usually less than a quarter of an inch in size. They come into buildings on luggage, clothing, shoes and other soft materials. These flightless insects are nocturnal, and they scamper across floors and climb ceilings. While their bites don’t necessarily hurt, they can lead to other issues such as allergic reactions, itching and inflammation. Because of their small size, and the fact that they hide in tiny nooks and crannies, it is very hard to tell when you have a bed bug infestation. It is nearly impossible to get rid of bed bugs with traditional do-it-yourself methods like insect repellent. That’s where the experts at DB Pest Solutions come into the picture.

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Expert Pest Control Services in Philadelphia

Rodents such as rats and mice are never welcome in a home or business. Chipmunks and squirrels can also fall into this category. These pesky creatures are attracted to the reliable food sources of residential and business garbage cans as well as food sources inside your home. Rodents carry more than 30 diseases and can have fleas. Just a few rodents building nests in your house is a serious health hazard. Rodents reproduce quickly and often outsmart traps. Because of their tendency to chew, they can cause structural damage to homes and buildings. Call the experienced professionals at DB Pest Solutions at the first hint of a rodent infestation.

Whether invading a home or business, cockroaches make everybody squeamish. Cockroaches are flat from bottom to top with wings on either side. They rarely fly, but they can walk very fast as they ruin food, fabrics and the bindings of books. They also emit a very foul smell. Restaurants, hotels and other businesses can lose customers as well as a good reputation with a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches can carry intestinal diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and viral infections. Don’t risk the aggravation and health hazards of a cockroach infestation. DB Pest Solutions will effectively rid your home or business of any signs of cockroaches and other insects.

The experienced technicians at DB Pest Solutions will eliminate pests in your home or business in a quick and efficient manner. Call DB Pest Solutions today for a free estimate.

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