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Wildlife Control Services in Greater Philadelphia

WoodchuckOngoing development throughout the greater Philadelphia area has caused wildlife and humans to come into contact with each other more frequently than ever. As idyllic as it may sound to have critters hopping, skipping and jumping through your yard, the reality is often much different. From skunks spraying household pets to raccoons gaining entry into attics and wreaking all kinds of havoc, wildlife can pose major issues for homeowners. If you are dealing with encroachments of bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and other wildlife, professional intervention is an absolute must. With help from the friendly professionals at DB Pest Solutions, your wildlife control issue will be a thing of the past.

Problems Posed by Wildlife in Philadelphia

The most common complaint people have about wildlife in and around their Philadelphia homes involves the damage they can cause. Most critters are seeking out warm places to build nests and reliable sources of food. Warm, well-stocked homes are incredibly alluring, and wildlife can be incredibly cunning when it comes to gaining entry. If they're able to get onto the roof, into the attic or into other parts of the home, critters like raccoons are apt to use their sharp teeth to chew up insulation, wires and other components. They also destroy vegetable gardens, patio furniture and other outdoor belongings.

More worryingly, wildlife often poses a serious threat to the safety and well-being of homeowners and their families in and around Philadelphia. Small children, in particular, are at risk when playing outside. Rabies is a very real problem. The potentially fatal viral disease can be spread by any infected warm-blooded animal. It's typically spread via bites, but it can also be transmitted by scratches and other injuries. Needless to say, the best rule of thumb is to keep wildlife at bay to prevent serious dangers like these.

How to Cope with Wildlife Infestations

When it comes to wildlife control, prevention is key. Of course, if you're already dealing with an encroachment, you want swift results. DB Pest Solutions will come out and identify the wildlife that is invading your property and home. We will determine the access points -- typically chimneys, soffits, attic fans, gable vents and ridge vents -- and take steps to close them off to prevent critters from gaining entry in the future. As for wildlife that is already on the premises, we will use humane traps to capture them and remove them.

Prevent Future Wildlife Problems

After removing wildlife from your home and/or property, DB Pest Solutions will use chimney caps, underground fencing, roof vent covers, heavy wire and other solutions to seal off entry points. Overhanging tree branches should be trimmed to prevent rodents and other critters from easily accessing the roof. With help from our skilled team, you may never need to call on wildlife control services again. At long last, your garden and yard will remain safe from pesky critters, and you will no longer have to worry about discovering damage in attics and other indoor areas. Most importantly, you and all family members will no longer be in harm's way, whether inside or outside. Don't wait another minute. Call DB Pest Solutions to resolve your Philadelphia wildlife control problem today.

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