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The four distinct seasons in New Jersey prompt cyclical appearances of common pests. Wet springs and cold winters drive vermin to seek shelter indoors. Warm weather prompts breeding and can result in an explosion of the pest population. While some of these invaders are merely troublesome, others can spread diseases that threaten the health of you and your family.

Bedbug Control

Problems with bedbugs are on the rise in the U.S., and the Trenton area is no exception. Primarily active at night, these pests feed on the blood of animals and humans, sometimes staying attached for as long as ten minutes. Bites leave behind red bumps that usually cause no more than an unpleasant itching sensation. However, for people who are allergic to the bites, the spots can become inflamed or even infected.

Bedbugs can find their way into any home by hitching a ride on items that have been in an infested building. They reproduce quickly, so if you have a few, you’re likely to have more soon. Although bedbugs haven’t been shown to pass any diseases to humans, this fact doesn’t make it any easier to sleep at night when you find out you’re dealing with an invasion.

Rodent Control

Contamination resulting in the spread of disease is the most common concern when it comes to rat and mouse infestations. These common New Jersey pests can carry dozens of viral and bacterial diseases that are transmittable to humans. Germs may be spread when rodents get into food or when people come in contact with droppings. Both rats and mice chew on building materials and wires, creating potentially dangerous situations in your home. Sometimes this chewing is part of the nest building process, in which case you could wind up with a full-blown infestation before control measures can be put into place.

When you have rodents, chances are that you’ll also wind up with the fleas and ticks that reside in their fur. These tiny pests can also transfer diseases by biting humans after feeding on infected rodents.

Cockroach Control

New Jersey homes and businesses can play host to American, German or Oriental cockroaches, all of which come around looking for something to eat. Like rodents, cockroaches can spread diseases by contaminating food with their saliva and excretions. Roaches may also cause damage to other parts of the home due to their appetite for all organic matter, including glue and book bindings. The byproducts of their regular molting cycles can aggravate asthma symptoms and lead to serious attacks.

Damp, dark places with easy access to food attract cockroaches of all kinds. The insect’s ability to go without eating or drinking for long stretches makes it a threat throughout the year in the Trenton area.

Preventative control is best if you want to avoid winding up with these pests in your home, but you can’t always stave off an infestation. If you find yourself dealing with a pest problem, get in touch with DB Pest Solutions. Our licensed, insured company is committed to providing the best possible pest control in for Trenton residents. Using the latest techniques in both chemical and no-chemical control, DB Pest Solutions is able to eradicate troublesome invaders and return your home to a state of safety and calm.

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