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Termites -2Termites are as social as ants that live in colonies, do not mate and spend their lives procuring food and protecting the egg laying queen. More destructive than ants, termites have no sting and make no noise even though a colony may contain thousands of workers. Hiding in the recesses of a home where damp wood may exist, they are voracious eaters that consume cellulose until they exhaust the source.

Identifying Termites

With bodies that are soft, pale and have a length of less than half an inch, termites’ antlike appearance cannot accurately indicate their ability to damage a home. They eat constantly and can destroy wood structures in a matter of months. Staying out of sight allows termites to create extensive damage until it is often too late to rectify it.

Identifying an infestation of termites is more difficult than discovering other pests such as mosquitoes or cockroaches. Finding an insect that bites to draw blood or one that scurries across a kitchen floor is easier than detecting termites that slowly devour a home. While they may not produce the revulsion that usually accompanies cockroaches, they deserve much more fear. Termites leave telltale signs, but it usually requires a professional exterminator to properly identify them.

Entering and Destroying Homes

The local NBC affiliate reported that U.S. Customs officials found destructive termites in a shipment of pineapples at the Port of Philadelphia. Typical ways that termites enter a home are usually through tunnels from the ground to damp wood or a swarm that attacks a building. Termites are active in Philadelphia as well as in cities across the state.

Subterranean and dampwood termites are among the most destructive forms of the pest, but drywood termites can also damage homes. They can enter a home inside wooden crates from tropical countries or through more traditional forms of entry. Swarms of the subterranean variety usually occur from late spring through early summer on warm days following rainfall.

Understanding the Dangers of Termite Infestation

One of the greatest dangers of termites in a home is their extreme silence. Usually attracting no attention until the damage is done, an infestation can severely weaken the structural supports of a home. Going unnoticed, they can consume the weight of a support beam in a year. Attics are among the typical locations for termite infestations, providing access through vents and the availability of damp wood. Weakening the support of a roofing system is a potentially dangerous hazard of undetected termites.

Taking Preventive Action

The devastation of a termite infestation may surprise home owners who are unaware of the eating capacity of a tiny insect. Finding small wings can offer a clue that termites are present, but the best defense against termite destruction is an inspection by DB Pest Solutions. Our full service company has an exemplary reputation for effective pest control and outstanding customer service. Taking action as soon as possible by calling for a free quote can put home owners’ fears of termite infestations to rest. Eradicating annoying and costly pests from homes in the Greater Philadelphia Area with customized treatment plans allows DP Pest Control to provide superior customer satisfaction.\

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