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Rat a tat tatNobody wants to share their home with rats, mice or other rodents. As any resident of the greater Philadelphia area can attest, though, they're positively rampant in the region. Rodents, which also include chipmunks, squirrels and any small mammal whose front teeth don't stop growing, tend to be lazy about getting food. Rather than hunting and preying, they prefer finding reliable food sources. All too often, that leads them inside Philadelphia-area homes. Traps and other do-it-yourself measures miss the mark when it comes to full-blown rodent infestations. If you're dealing with one, call the experts at DB Pest Solutions.

Do You have a Rodent Infestation?

Chances are that you know a rodent when you see one. How can you tell if you have an honest-to-goodness infestation on your hands, though? For starters, you will notice more than one rodent in a relatively short period of time. Though they're nocturnal, they're often caught scurrying around during daylight hours too. If you don't see them, you'll probably hear them. Thanks to their long, sharp teeth, rodents are capable of causing lots of damage. Therefore, if you've noticed bite marks on food containers or other evidence of chewing in or around the house, rodents are likely to blame.

How Do Rodent Infestations Happen?

Your home is neat and clean, so why is it infested with rodents? First, cleanliness has little to do with it. If rodents can easily access food, they are going to be attracted to your home. The answer here isn't putting your food under lock and key. That isn't practical. Rather, it's figuring out how those pesky rodents are gaining entry into your home in the first place. Rodents are incredibly flexible and can squeeze through impossibly small holes and other openings. Chances are that the ones infesting your home have discovered such an entryway, and they've invited their friends to join in too.

Rodents are a Health Hazard

Most people are squeamish about being in close proximity of rodents. Did you know, though, that rodents pose serious health risks to humans? They carry more than 30 diseases that are communicable to humans, for starters, so you and your family could get sick from having them underfoot. They often harbor fleas that may also spread diseases. Their nests typically harbor all kinds of bacteria that can be released into the home. In addition to causing damage to the home, rodents may also bite humans when they feel cornered or otherwise threatened. With these points in mind, getting rodents out of your Philadelphia home must be a top priority.

How to Eliminate Rodents

Upon seeing one or more rodents in your home, you probably ran to the store for some traps. Unfortunately, traps aren't going to cut it when it comes to a full-fledged rodent infestation. Many rodents -- especially rats -- are surprisingly smart and can often outwit even the most sophisticated traps. They reproduce quickly, so while you're scrambling around trying to get rid of them, they're multiplying rapidly. The only way to eliminate rodents from the home and keep them out is with professional pest control. In the greater Philadelphia area, you can't beat DB Pest Solutions. Contact us now for a free estimate.

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