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During the springtime, temperatures in Hunterdon County start to rise substantially. Along with the warmer weather comes the increased presence of certain pests. They are looking to breed and find new habitats. If your home is not protected, your family’s well-being could be put at risk. Here are a few common pests that you should keep an eye out for.


Because of their ability to pollinate plants, bees remain an important part of the local ecosystem. However, it is not a good idea to allow bees to take up residence on your property. Even tiny sweat bees can inflict a great deal of pain. This is especially true for small children. Bee sting allergies are incredibly dangerous for some people. If they don’t receive immediate medical attention, life-threatening symptoms could arise. You must also consider the costly property damage caused by bees. For example, carpenter bees are known for tunneling through wood. You could be forced to spend hundreds of dollars on home repairs.


For millions of years, rodents have remained a worldwide problem. For good reason, these age-old pests are feared by a lot of people. They are responsible for spreading a number of devastating plagues and diseases. You certainly don’t want rodents to gain access to your home. An infestation will ultimately become a major source of stress. Not only can rodents jeopardize your family’s health, but they can also quietly cause a great deal of destruction. By gnawing through an electrical wire, a mouse could cause your most-prized possessions to go up in flames. Furthermore, the unsightly droppings and musty odors are extremely disgusting. You will need to think twice before inviting any guests to your home.


Like so many others in the Hunterdon County area, you are probably an animal lover. Unfortunately, not every creature wants to be your friend. Local wildlife can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners. Animals such as bats are known disease carriers. When dealing with wildlife, you should always factor in the threat of rabies. This is dangerous disease that should be taken very seriously. Meanwhile, no one can overlook the structural damage caused by wild animals. From raccoons trashing the attic to woodpeckers attacking your home’s siding, there are numerous problems that could occur. Wildlife can also make it extremely difficult to raise an outdoor garden.

How Can I Protect My Home?

The most effective way to protect your home is to call a profession. DB Pest Solutions specializes in dealing with all types of nuisances. After removing pests from your property, our team takes additional measures to prevent the problem from happening again. Remember, we offer residential and commercial services. Contact DB Pest Solutions for all of your pest control needs.

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