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Pest Control in Bucks County

In Bucks County, PA, the climate attracts a variety of pests. The warm temperatures that arrive with spring and summer tempt cockroaches to the area while winter’s chill causes rodents to seek shelter. Bed bugs are another common Bucks County pest, but due to their hardiness and tenacity, they infest homes and businesses year-round. When pests infiltrate your home or business, they often bring problems with them. These range from property damage to health issues. Because of this, it’s important to get expert help. For dependable pest control, contact DB Pest Solutions. With more than 30 years of pest control experience in the area, the company is ready and able to get rid of any pest problem.


Cockroaches are black or brown bugs that bring an unpleasant smell and disease to your home or business. These creatures usually make their way inside your home for food and water. They can breach a structure by crawling under damaged weather stripping or garage doors. Cockroaches prefer to hang out with their buddies in humid areas like your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Because the creatures often travel through germ-infested areas like sewer systems and dumps, they can pick up deadly bacteria and viruses. Along with transmitting dangerous diseases, cockroaches may cause people to suffer from allergies and asthma. To dissuade the bugs from entering your residence, make sure food is put away and that cracks leading into your home are sealed. You’ll know that you have an infestation by spotting or smelling them.


Like cockroaches, rodents also spread diseases. They contaminate food, and because these pests like to chew stuff, they can damage a structure’s wiring and insulation. In Bucks County, mice can be a problem because they like the wooded areas until winter arrives, and then, they tend to search for warmer digs. Mice and rats are attracted to the heat that radiates from a home or business as well as by the smell of food. These pests can enter your home through gaps under your doors, utility lines and pipe openings. Rodent droppings are the most common sign of an infestation, but you may also see one scampering across your kitchen or basement.

Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, researchers have yet to prove that the pests transmit diseases. Since the creatures feed on the blood of humans, some people experience allergic reactions as well as emotional distress from bed bug infestations. These unpleasant bugs are excellent hiders. In fact, you may be unaware of an infestation until it becomes large because this is when indications will start to appear. The most common signs of bed bugs are case skins, defecation and sightings. When juvenile bed bugs grow into adults, they slough their skin leaving it behind for you to find while defecation will show up as brown or black stains on your mattress or furniture items. If you spot a reddish brown bug that measures the size of an apple seed, then you may have a bed bug infestation as this is the size of an adult.

Let the Professionals Handle It

Bucks County pests range from bed bugs and smelly cockroaches that scuttle out of your way to rodents like mice and rats. Contact DB Pest Solutions for your pest control needs. Our technicians have experience detecting and treating all types of creatures. We’ll make sure that your home transitions from one that’s invaded with creepy crawlies to a pest-free space.

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