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Why Bed Bugs are So Hard to Kill

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Are you sick of dealing with bed bugs every year and wonder why they just won't die? There are several reasons you can't get rid of bed bugs, reasons that make DIY control methods almost impossible.

First of all, bed bugs can withstand an almost ridiculous range of temperatures. They've been tested as surviving nearly freezing temperatures, giving them an edge in the winter. Even worse, they've been shown to survive 122 degrees Fahrenheit. That's above the boiling point of water, which means they can also survive in the hottest summer months without breaking much of a sweat.

Second, bed bugs don't have to eat every day. In fact, bed bugs have been tested as surviving for several months without a food source. As a result, bed bugs you left in your summer home may still be there when you get back later in the season. That annoying fact also illustrates why you may go for months without getting bitten and think you've got the problem licked.

Last, but not least, is the voracious egg laying rate of the bed bug. Simply put, they breed an awful lot. One bed bug can lay up to five eggs a day or up to 500 in its lifetime. And each of these little buggers will be more than ready to start breeding when they reach maturity in less than a month. This explains why you simply can't get rid of them, even after multiple treatment attempts.

What can you do to get rid of bed bugs? Hire a professional. They can help assess the situation and find a solution that is right for you.


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