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Spider Control Spotlight: Yellow Sac Spiders

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Nobody likes to think about spiders creeping around the house at night. The truth is, however, that spiders in the home are quite common, and one of the most common types to stage an invasion is the yellow sac spider.

These nocturnal spiders are often difficult to spot because they're small, they don't make webs, and they tend to spin their sacs in hidden areas. When sac spiders are outside, they tend to hang out near the ground. When they come into houses, though, they tend to retreat high off the ground. The first inkling you may have that you're suffering from an infestation of yellow sac spiders may be when you spot one running up your wall or lingering in a high place, waiting to drop down when disturbed.

The good news is that although yellow sac spiders do bite, their bites are not deadly to humans. Unfortunately, bites can often result in some unpleasant symptoms.

The venom of sac spiders contains a cytotoxin—which means it kills cells—like the venom of a brown recluse. Unlike brown recluse bites which can take 2-3 months to heal, most sac spider bites heal much more quickly, although the reaction will vary greatly from individual to individual (University of Nebraska).

Symptoms of yellow sac spider bites include stinging, redness, and mild swelling. In some cases, victims might experience nausea or other flu-like symptoms. 

If you have spotted yellow sac spiders creeping along the walls of your home, be sure to take action. Contact a pest control professional today. 


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