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Pest Control Professionals Spotlight Horticultural Extermination Methods

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Pest control companies have many weapons in their arsenals.  Horticultural oils and soaps are two of them. You may ask, “What are those two weapons and when do extermination professionals find them the most useful? Let’s address what horticultural oils and soaps are first. Afterward, we’ll shift over to a discussion about when they’re used the most.

Horticultural oils and soaps are among the most eco-sensitive, pest control products available today. Largely nontoxic to humans, they are meant to cut off insects’ air supply and dislodge them from both vegetation and buildings. “How do they cut off an insect’s air supply?” That’s a question pest control professionals have no trouble answering. The key to their effectiveness is found in the insects’ biology.

Many of the pests exterminators encounter rely on exoskeletons to breath and sucking motions to eat or drink. As such, the minute the insects come into contact with oily or soapy substances, their ability to breath efficiently decreases. Also, if they try to use their mouth-parts as an escape aid, they’ll ingest the oils and soaps too. Consequently, they’ll eventually be unable to breathe at all and ultimately die.

Humans and most domestic pets do not have exoskeletons. Therefore, they are not harmed by merely touching horticultural oils and soaps. Plants, trees and shrubs tend to tolerate the substances too. However, there are times when the horticultural oils and soaps may injure vegetation. For example, the oils and soaps may interact with the sunlight, heat or other substances, thereby causing foliage discoloration.

Naturally, pest control companies typically use the two products on certain insects when there is no risk of leaf damage. The list of insects normally killed by pest control professionals armed with horticultural oils and soaps includes, but doesn’t end with worms, mites, scale and aphids. To learn more about these beneficial oils and soaps, please contact us today.


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