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Mosquito Control: Stick with a Pest Professional’s Stages Approach

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Blood thirsty masters of the sneak attack, they are small enough to breed in an overturned bottle cap. More than 100 species of them call North America home and yes, their presence warrants professional mosquito control. Otherwise, they could overtake a backyard or business landscape in a few days.

As eggs, they’ll bide their time hoping for a bit of rain or potable water to fall. Once wet, they’ll hatch and enter the larva stage. After that typically come the pupa and adult stages in quick succession. At each stage, mosquito control companies employ a different approach. Let’s start with the larva stage, which generally calls for the application of one to five different products.

The five products commonly used during larva development are listed below:

  • Monomolecular Films
  • Bacterial Insecticides
  • Organophosphate Insecticide
  • Mineral Oils
  • Insect Growth Inhibitors

The films and oils are the only two classes of mosquito control products that do not negatively alter the insect’s biology. Instead, they prevent the larvae from trending water. As a consequence, the juvenile insects are more apt to drown. The other three products collectively alter the insect’s exoskeleton, digestive capabilities and central nervous systems.

If the mosquitoes manage to get out of the larvae stage alive, they are traditionally exposed to either synthetic pyrethroids or organophosphates. Both have the inherent power to kill adult members of the species immediately. However, application methods sometimes vary. Misting systems, foggers and sprays are among the most popular forms of mosquito control.

They are designed to send treatment solutions airborne in the hopes that they will make contact with the nuisance, adult members of the species. Similar methods may be used to distribute some of the treatment options we mentioned when talking about the larvae stage. To ask mosquito control experts about them, please contact us today.


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