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How a Lack of Ant Control Can Ruin Your Day It's almost ridiculous to think that something as small as an ant could ruin your day, but all it takes is one bite on the ankle, one line of ants marching across the kitchen counter, or one step into an unexpected ant pile for your entire day to go off the rails. The truth is that a lack of proper ant control, whether outside or inside the home, can really ruin your day. Outside Plan to spread a blanket in the yard and have a picnic? Mow the lawn? Sit on the front porch sipping a lemonade? Let the kids run under the sprinkler?...
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There's a Mouse in the House: When DIY Mouse Control Goes Wrong Having a mouse in the house is a real problem. Unfortunately, one mouse rarely comes alone, meaning if you've seen one, you're probably dealing with an infestation. Common sense would tell you that this would be a good time to invest in mouse traps. After reading the list below, however, perhaps you'll realize that common sense isn't always to be trusted. Reasons Not to Try DIY Mouse Control: 1. It's all on you. You must research the best traps or poisons, go to the store to buy them, set them up, and then clean up. This is time-consuming. 2. Most mousetraps are not reusable. Because of this,...
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