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Nobody likes to think about spiders creeping around the house at night. The truth is, however, that spiders in the home are quite common, and one of the most common types to stage an invasion is the yellow sac spider. These nocturnal spiders are often difficult to spot because they're small, they don't make webs, and they tend to spin their sacs in hidden areas. When sac spiders are outside, they tend to hang out near the ground. When they come into houses, though, they tend to retreat high off the ground. The first inkling you may have that you're suffering from an infestation of yellow sac...
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Pest control companies have many weapons in their arsenals.  Horticultural oils and soaps are two of them. You may ask, “What are those two weapons and when do extermination professionals find them the most useful? Let’s address what horticultural oils and soaps are first. Afterward, we’ll shift over to a discussion about when they’re used the most. Horticultural oils and soaps are among the most eco-sensitive, pest control products available today. Largely nontoxic to humans, they are meant to cut off insects’ air supply and dislodge them from both vegetation and buildings. “How do they cut off an insect’s air supply?”...
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Cockroaches have an annoying way of finding the best (and sweetest) foods. Perhaps that's why it's no surprise that these disgusting vermin made their home in a pair of ice cream parlors this summer and forced them to shut down temporarily. The first instance occurred on July 7th in Seminole Heights at a locally owned ice cream shop known as "Bo's Ice Cream Parlour." This shop, open ever since 1954, had to close down after an invasion of roaches made it too unsanitary to eat there. Thankfully, the owners were able to remove them, clean up the place and open it...
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Blood thirsty masters of the sneak attack, they are small enough to breed in an overturned bottle cap. More than 100 species of them call North America home and yes, their presence warrants professional mosquito control. Otherwise, they could overtake a backyard or business landscape in a few days. As eggs, they’ll bide their time hoping for a bit of rain or potable water to fall. Once wet, they’ll hatch and enter the larva stage. After that typically come the pupa and adult stages in quick succession. At each stage, mosquito control companies employ a different approach. Let’s start with the...
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Are you sick of dealing with bed bugs every year and wonder why they just won't die? There are several reasons you can't get rid of bed bugs, reasons that make DIY control methods almost impossible. First of all, bed bugs can withstand an almost ridiculous range of temperatures. They've been tested as surviving nearly freezing temperatures, giving them an edge in the winter. Even worse, they've been shown to survive 122 degrees Fahrenheit. That's above the boiling point of water, which means they can also survive in the hottest summer months without breaking much of a sweat. Second, bed bugs...
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